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Solamon eyes opportunity in Eastern Europe; appoints new SVP Stefanescu

Posted onApril 30, 2012underPress Releases

(Toronto) — Solamon CEO Graeme Boyce proudly announced today a strategic move into Eastern Europe with the appointment of Tudor Stefanescu to the position of SVP, effective immediately.  Fluent in several critical languages, Stefanescu will be eventually based in Romania.  “We’re very excited to bring aboard Tudor and announce his appointment,” says Boyce, “as he is already well-known to many of our executives in Toronto and he is tasked to begin discussions with all levels of government and business over there, as well as regulatory agencies and administrative bodies.”

In the short-term, Stefanescu will team with SVP South Asia Thijs Boonen “to learn the ropes”, before embarking to open a vast market for Solamon, which will include Hungary, Slovakia and Poland in the mid-term, Boyce explains.  Stefanescu will offer turnkey solar photovoltaic systems to private customers, and through the utilities, while additionally exploring the many options to pique interest by integrating their renewable energy promotional programs and carbon credit trading.

“Romania has the lowest ecological footprint of EU27,” Boyce continues, “and at 2.4 gha per person it is only just above the global average. Many of Romania’s coastal areas around the Black Sea are densely populated and economically highly developed, and so we agree there is a tremendous opportunity to offer solar power on a large scale to leaders there, and despite the fact it does not lie in the identified Sunbelt region of our Earth we believe Tudor will research the market for us quickly and assemble the team to get the job done.”

Solamon Energy typically offers a ground-mounted solar array of integrated photovoltaic cells over 5 acre packages of land, which is called the Apollo Acre™.  The company now also designs and installs custom solutions with local partners to provide roof-mounted and parking lot systems that are easily augmented by micro wind turbine technology and other innovative features.

About Solamon: Solamon Energy Corp. sells integrated arrays of ground-mounted and rooftop photovoltaic cells.  These solar power plants are connected by cable to varied transmission equipment, including converters, inverters and batteries, utilizing 5 acres of land per unit; each unit is called an Apollo Acre™.  Additionally, it is expected the company’s business activities will spin-off many jobs locally, given engineering requirements, construction, unit commissioning and subsequent maintenance.